Dealing with Death

Yesterday evening, Teri and I went down to the wake for the mother of one of the ladies in Ronnie Smith’s church.  The wake is a time when the relatives and family of the deceased gather to remember, grieve, and celebrate the life of the person who has passed on.  I do not understand it all and all that goes on, because last night was only my second wake to do to.

It can be quite awkward when a person dies and how to deal with death, but the best thing I can think of when dealing with death is know how to have life beyond the grave.  We always like to think that everyone that dies may have somewhere along the way gotten saved, but the sad, terrifying reality is not all do, and many end up like the rich man in Hell, tormented in the flames.

It pains me to think about people I know who died and probably were not saved, but Hell is a real place and keep that thought in our minds and hearts will be such an motivator for evangelism.

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