Update on Grant

Just a quick update on Grant’s hand.  He burnt it on the oven top on Wednesday night.  We kept ice on it for about 7 hours and put some jel on it.  The pain finally subsided and he slept good.  On Thursday, we took him to the doctor who told us to take him the emergency room.  They dressed the burn.  He is doing well.  We just have to keep changing the dressing.

2 thoughts on “Update on Grant

  1. Its tough on children when they hurt like that, but difficult for parents to see as well. Ashleigh walked into an open baby gate and just missed her eye yesterday. It would not have hurt as much as the burn, but I know how I felt to see her hurting. You just want to take the pain away somehow.

    Anyway, we are praying for you all and hope he heals quickly.

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