Book Review: The Conviction to Lead by Al Mohler

I have never thought of myself as a natural leader, and maybe you feel the same way. For that reason, I really liked Al Mohler’s book, “The Conviction to Lead” because it is written to help turn “Believers into Leaders and the Leaders into Believers.” The book helped me realise that there are times that I need to evaluate my beliefs to make sure I am leading out of the right convictions, and there are times I need to learn how to turn what I believe into wise leadership.

In the book, Al Mohler acknowledges that often there are those who have deep and passionate beliefs (“Believers”) yet struggle to know how to lead. Then there are those who are passionate about leadership (“Leaders”), yet they are not sure what they believe or why it matters. His book is written to help both types of individuals have the right convictions and then lead out of those convictions. He states…

I want to see a generation arise that is simultaneously leading with conviction and driven by the conviction to lead. The generation that accomplishes this will set the world on fire.

The book is easy to read, and in my opinion, it breaks down the various aspects of convictional leadership into helpful parts, such as starting with a purpose not a plan, working with worldviews, thinking, teaching, character, communication, reading, speaking, writing, and leaving a legacy.

Here are a few quotes from the book to wet your appetite:

I believe that leadership is all about putting the right beliefs into action, and knowing, on the basis of convictions, what those right beliefs and actions are. This book is written with the concern that far too much of what passes for leadership today is mere management. Without convictions you might be able to manage, but you cannot really lead.

Charisma is a great gift, but it cannot substitute for conviction. The same is true of personality skills, gifts of communication, media presence, and organizational ability. None of these things can qualify a Christian leader when conviction is absent or weak.

Leaders need to possess and develop many qualities, but the one element that drives them to the front is passion. Without it, nothing important happens.

Leaders want to see every member of the organization learn what must be done, and why. Leaders are not satisfied until every individual understands the mission, embraces it, and brings others into it.

Character is in fact the only secure foundation of leadership itself—any form of leadership.

It makes little sense to aspire to a leadership position unless you are willing to undertake the studies and preparation necessary to establish such credibility.

…communication is a form of warfare. The leader is always fighting apathy, confusion, lack of direction, and competing voices.

A leader without accountability is an accident waiting to happen.

Leaders—no matter their title—are servants, plain and simple.

I am very grateful for a friend recommending this book to me, and I recommend it to all those who are currently leaders or aspire to be leaders. It will challenge you to think about why you lead, how you lead, and essential elements of leadership.

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