Ministry Update – Visitors, Camping Trip, Irish Abortion Ban Repealed, Mission Events, Snode Kids Video

Visitors – It was very encouraging to have two of our neighbours visit the service this past Sunday. Previously, I told them that I am a pastor and invited them to church. On Sunday morning, as I was leaving, we chatted briefly, and I invited them again. And he and his uncle showed up for Bible study and stayed for the service. It was also encouraging to have some folks back that have not been out to the church in quite a while. We looked at “The Lord Shall Roar Out of Zion” from Joel 3:1-16 about the Battle of Armageddon when God defeats the nations of the earth and is the hope of His people.

Men’s Camping Trip – This weekend is our men’s camping trip. A few of us are meeting up with men from several other churches to camp in the Peak district. We will camp, hike, fellowship, and generally survive in the wild wilderness (okay, actually an ordinary campsite). Please pray for safety and for a God to work in the lives of the men.

Abortion Ban Repealed in Ireland – Up until Friday, abortions in Ireland were illegal except in certain extreme cases. But on this past Friday, over 60% of the country voted to repeal the ban on abortions. This is shocking because the country has historically been quite conservative on moral issues. Many people are celebrating this as a huge step forward for human rights, but those of us who believe life begins at conception see it as a terrible expression of a country that by and large does truly believe on Jesus Christ. Please pray for the work of the gospel in Ireland.

Two Important Mission Events in the USA – Our home church and mission are hosting two important events this year. The first one is the Our Generation Camp in Trenton, GA. The dates are June 18-22, 2018 and the cost is $200. Here is a brief description of the camp:

Young people today are waiting to be challenged and led to the greatest revolution in history — the fulfillment of the Great Commission. They were made for this work of bringing glory to God by taking the Gospel to the nations! The work will move forward as we train them to be disciple-makers. We are given very few days with our students during their years in youth ministry. We cannot afford to not invest in their lives during the weeks of summer camp.

Join us for a week that can make a huge difference in the life of your teenagers, your youth group, and the world!

The second event is December 28-29, 2018 and is the Our Generation Summit. It is will take place in Mt. Sterling, Ohio and is a mission-themed retreat for the whole church. Here is a brief description of this event:

The Summit isn’t simply another conference, it is a gathering of Christians endeavoring to further the Gospel of Christ.

Many have found that the best thing about the Summit is the relationships that are established over the two days. You will have the opportunity to talk with and learn from missionaries serving all over the world.

In addition to this, you can experience fervent preaching and helpful sessions that will assist you as you seek to carry the Gospel to the world.

The Our Generation Summit is open to all! If you want to find your place in world evangelism, the Summit is the conference for you. Typically we have a great mix of individuals, couples, families, and church groups attend.

Video by Snode Kids – Our children have seen a number of videos by the Bible Project and so they decided to bring their artistic, media, and creative skills together and do their own overview of 1 Timothy. I naturally am quite proud of them, so I wanted to share what they put together yesterday on their day off from school.

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  1. England has wilderness? Hopefully you won’t encounter any bears. I see your kids have seen the Bible project on YouTube. Good stuff. It’s good to hear from you.

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