The Power of Prayer

The potency of prayer hath subdued the strength of fire; it hath bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest , extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled demons, burst the chains of death, expanded the gates of heaven, assuaged diseases, repelled frauds, rescued cities from destruction, stayed the sun in its course, and arrested the progress of the thunderbolt. Prayer is the all-sufficient panoply, a treasure undiminished, a mine never exhausted, a sky unobscured by clouds, a heaven unruffled by storm. It is the root, the fountain, the other, of a thousand blessings.” – John Chrysostom

God has of His own motion placed Himself under the law of prayer, and has obligated himself to answer the prayers of men. He has ordained prayer as a means whereby He will do things through men as they pray, which He would not otherwise do…man has it in his power to by prayer, move God to work in His own way among men, in which way He would not work if prayer was not made. – E.M. Bounds

If anyone on planet Earth needs to pray faithfully and fervently, it’s the pastor. For one thing, this job requires more of you than there is and more time than you have. The person accepting the Lord’s call into the ministry is agreeing to live in a world of unfinished tasks. You are literally being sentenced to live beyond yourself.  It is by its very nature impossible to live this life and do this work in your own strength. You will develop a strong prayer life or you will not survive. It’s as simple as that. – Joel McKeever


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