When Opposition Arises


Ezra 4:4 Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah, and troubled them in building, 5 And hired counsellers against them, to frustrate their purpose, all the days of Cyrus king of Persia, even until the reign of Darius king of Persia.

As long as we do nothing, we will not face opposition. The one who sits and does not attempt anything will not be criticized. But neither will he accomplish anything.  If we desire to do something with our lives, we must accept the friction that is inherent in progress.

When the people of Israel tried to rebuild the temple. attempts were made to weaken their hands. For years it lay waste. No opposition is recorded because no work was being attempted. As soon as someone tried to do something, people rose up to weaken their hands and to frustrate their work.

If you are facing opposition, do not dismay. It may be evidence that you are trying to do something. The more we attempt, the more some will oppose. Let us not be discouraged by opposition but understand that it is part of progress. The criticism of our enemies could be the biggest compliment we are ever paid.

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