Snode Ministry Update – April 7, 2014

Arabic gospel literature ready to be posted across southeast England

Wednesday night, I enjoyed teaching at College Park Baptist Church in Lewisham on “Love Not the World.” It has been a blessing to attend that church and fellowship with the good folks there over the past several months. They are without a pastor at the moment, but they are continuing on very faithful for the Lord. Please pray for them as they are in a very needy part of London and as they seek the Lord for a pastor.

Last week, Teri spent a couple days in France visiting a good friend of hers from Northern Ireland who is studying there. It was encouraging for Teri to see God at work in her friend’s life and to know that she has had a part in encouraging her friend for Christ over the past eight years.

Saturday morning, Chris and I attended a men’s conference at Brimpton Baptist Church. It was a blessing to hear good clear Bible teaching from Pastor Martin Wickens and Pastor Roy Clements about prayer. I am thankful for the British pastors in this country who are standing firm on God’s Word and committed to reaching their country and the world for Christ. Please pray for God to raise up more men like them.

Saturday evening, we celebrated Grant’s 9th birthday! It is hard to believe that we have a son that old. It seems like only yesterday that he was lying in Altnagelvin hospital having been born 12 weeks early!

Each summer, we host a mission team on our London Vision Tour. Only a few days remain to register for the 2014 trip, but registration is now open for the 2015 trip. Also, if you are a young person from Europe who wants to participate, you are very welcome as well (contact us for specific details).

The Our Generation Camp is coming up soon in Trenton, GA on 1-9 June. This exciting camp is hosted by our home church. It is specifically geared toward young people and missions.

Every couple months, sends us the names and address of people from the UK and Ireland who have contacted them looking for Arabic gospel literature. We are privileged to be part of a team of people around the world who follow up with these requesters. James Wilson (Derry/Londonderry) and Alan Campbell (Sunderland) help me immensely with this project and have done the bulk of the follow up work. It is encouraging to know that Arabic speakers in the UK and Ireland from various religious backgrounds are wanting copies of God’s Word. Please pray for souls to be saved through this outreach.

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