Four Principles for Missions Senders – Introduction

Mission Senders

The Bible is very clear about our responsibility to take the gospel everywhere (all the world) and to everyone (every creature).  The responsibility of world evangelism rests squarely on the local church.

The local church has every resource necessary to get the job done.  Apart from all the material resources that God has given to us, we have, most importantly, the spiritual resources necessary – the Holy Spirit of God to empower and embolden us and the Word of God to convince and convict the hearts of men.

Every saved person is to be part of a local church that is involved in getting the gospel out, and one area that is often overlooked but so necessary for the world of world evangelism is the role of the sender.

For the military to keep one solider on the front lines, it takes a great deal of money to provide ammunition, food, and all the supplies necessary.  Without all the support personnel, the soldiers on the front lines would not be able to stay very long.  Actually only about 5-30% of any army’s personnel are trained infantry on the ground.

In reality, those who support those who go are often more numerous.  They are very essential and very important to the success of those who go.

In the next four posts, I want to share four principles from Ezra 1 to encourage those who are Missions Senders.

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