Snode Ministry Update – Monday, April 1

Our family with Teri’s sister Joy, her husband Aaron, and their children in Urbana, OH.


  • Mon-Wed, Mar 25-27, we were at Grace Baptist Church in Urbana, OH.  This church is pastored by my brother-in-law, Aaron Samples.  It was nice to spend time with family and to be a part of the conference.  The church was so kind to us, and they voted in the service to take us on for support!
  • Thur-Sun, Mar 28-31, we were at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, OH.  The church was started by Tim Knipp, a friend from Bible college.  We really enjoyed spending time with him, his family, the folks at the church, and the Marie family, missionaries to Bolivia.
  • Sunday afternoon, we drove to Cranberry Baptist Church in Beckley, WV, to give an update there.  Cranberry Baptist has been supporting us for many years.  It was great to see friends from Bible college, to have the privilege to preach, and to see how God is blessing Pastor Pauley and the church there.  After the service, we drove home and arrived in at 4am!  It was a long drive but worth it to be home after been gone all month.
  • This week, Teri and the children are going to be at her parent’s house in Mobile, AL.  I will be staying in Georgia and heading up to Victory Baptist Church in Roanoke Rapids, NC on Wednesday.  One of the students from the Our Generation Training Center will be going with me.


  • One new church voting to take us on for support this month
  • Several extra offerings that were given to us this month to help with some special projects
  • Safety on the roads as we travelled this month


  • For souls to be saved in Ireland & the United Kingdom
  • For the youth camp and evangelistic meeting coming up this summer at Northwest Baptist Church in Derry.
  • For God to help us raise an additional 17% of our support as we are in the States.
  • For wisdom as I plan my trip to London and Northern Ireland on May 13-24.
  • For God to open doors for us in London and guide us to the area where He wants us to go.

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