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The Our Generation Summit Leadership Camp is coming up on June 14-18, 2010.  Read about the camp and make plans to come and bring someone with you.  If you would like any literature or more information, just let us know. If you register by Friday, January 8, you will receive $25 off of your camp cost.

What Is It?

Missions trip to the World!  It is an opportunity to be exposed to the different religions and people groups of the world.   All of this will take place in Alpharetta, GA.  5 intense days of training in cultural adaptation, missionary methods, and leadership skills by experienced missionaries and pastors.

June 14-18, 2010

Why have it?

We believe our camp is unique, not only because it is one of the few directed toward high school and college students for the cause of missions, but also because the world is our campus.   You will spend time on the street, in a mosque, in a Buddhist temple, and many other places that will expose you to the needs of the world!

Who is it for?

High school and college students who are serious about serving the Lord, desirous to learn about missions, and seeking God’s will for their lives.

What will the camp involve?

  • Time with missionaries from around the world
  • In depth Questions & Answer Sessions
  • Travel to the Nations in Atlanta, GA (Islamic Mosque, Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple, & more)
  • Missionary Training Classes
  • Cross Cultural Outreach

Vision Trips to the Nations

Our Generation has many years of experience training people “for the field, on the field.”  During the camp you will see the false religions of the world.  During this exciting week, we will visit a Buddhist Temple, a Hindu Temple, and an Islamic Mosque.

We will learn some of the ceremonial customs of the Buddhist religion. Afterwards, we will take time to ask questions about what they believe.  It is hard to believe, but the city of Atlanta is home to hundreds of idols that people worship on a daily basis. This year we will be visiting the 5th largest HinduTemple outside of India.

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference is getting to spend time with college students of like faith and passion for missions.  Join us as we pray for the students who will be spending their summer overseas with our missionaries.

Frequently  Asked Questions

  1. How much does the camp cost?  $25 registration fee due at registration.  $100 due on first day of the camp
  2. How do I register?  Go to or call 770-456-5881.
  3. What will the camp involve?  In-depth presentations about countries around the world, life-changing sessions, motivational Bible preaching, prayer for the world, interaction with other young people who have a heart for God.
  4. What time do I need to arrive?  Registration starts at 1:00 on Monday, June 14.
  5. What do I need to bring? Bible & Notebook, Clothes, Personal toiletries, Towels & washcloths, Sleeping bag or bedroll for bunk bed, Pillow.
  6. Where is the Camp Located?  Vision Baptist Church, 1125 Alpha Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004
  7. What is the dress code?  We ask all campers to dress appropriately in modest apparel.

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