Expository Preaching Conference – April 12-13 in Alpharetta, GA

One of the things I love about my pastor and my home church is their dedication to expository preaching.  Pastor Gardner preaches through the Bible every service and he has been a big help to me as I learn to preach expositionally.  They are hosting a Bible Expo on April 12-13 that I hope you will do your best to attend.  If you are pastor, missionary, Sunday school teacher, or concerned Christian, this conference will be a big help to you.

The primary speaker of the Bible Expo 2012 is Pastor Scott Tewell of Rosedale Baptist Church. Pastor Scott Tewell is the Senior Pastor of Rosedale Baptist Church outside of Baltimore Maryland. Pastor Tewell began ministering to a dedicated group of Christians in 1997. Since then, God has marvelously blessed and multiplied the congregation from under 200 to over 1500 in attendance weekly as they have sought to honor and glorify God through chapter by chapter and verse by verse teaching.In 2010 Pastor Tewell finished teaching through his 59th book. The Lord has blessed Rosedale with 3 different auditoriums, a new Family Life Center and is currently building a new educational wing. Gods hand has been on Rosedale since the beginning. All glory and praise goes to the Lord and is attributed to bringing glory to Him and Him alone and a commitment to teaching His Word.

Testimonials from the 2011 Expo:

The meeting didn’t disappoint!  Everything taught, was centered around everything needed, to have a New Testament church built upon the final authority of God’s word. Thank you for hosting the meeting!- Pastor Justin Gazaway

Bible Expo 2011 was a great challenge and encouragement to me personally in the area of expository preaching.   I was charged with preaching messages from the Bible and not messages that contain some Bible in them.  I want the text to dictate what I preach.  The Bible Expo gave practical tools for Bible study to pull the meaning from the text.  I was charged with organizing my schedule to devote serious time to daily and weekly Bible study. – Missionary to Chile

Pastor Austin Gardner explains what the Bible Expo is:

  • It is NOT a church growth conference.  I believe in church growth and always want my church to grow but the truth is that if we aren’t careful we become very pragmatic. We do whatever it takes to get people to come. We soften our preaching. We try to be likable. I believe that what you will learn at this conference will cause your church to grow. But that is not our purpose in this meeting.
  • It is NOT a leadership conference. Again I believe in leadership and believe that we should all be the best servant leaders possible. But this is not a self help, success, leadership conference. I believe that you will be a better leader after the conference because you will be preaching more like God wants you to preach. But that is not the purpose of the meeting.
  • It is NOT a fellowship meeting. We are not getting together to just chew the fat. We are not getting together to just learn about what each other is doing. We will do all of that. We will have a great time of fellowship but that is not the purpose.
  • The purpose IS to learn more about preaching the Bible. We can all sharpen our skills and learn more how to preach the Word of God correctly. I know that I am a preacher. I love preaching. I know that I spent many years confused about what it means to be a Bible preacher.
  • The purpose IS to preach the Bible and not about the Bible. We spend lots of time telling people that we believe the Bible. We preach about why we should preach the Bible but we often don’t really say what the Bible says.
  • We want to invite every pastor possible to come and be with us. We will provide all the meals if you will get a place to stay. If you would like to stay in the home of one of our members I believe we can help you with that also! We are very excited you plan to join us for the Bible Expo. The conference is free of charge, however we want to be prepared for your visit.

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Find out about more events at bcwe.org.

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