Opportunity for Ministry in England this Summer

Martin Wickens is a friend of mine who is serving in the South of England.  God is greatly using him at Brimpton Baptist Church.  Every summer, his church hosts an amazing summer camp.  He is looking for volunteers who will come help them this ummer.  Below you can find out more details about the camp and the opportunity:

Later this year we have our annual camp, in August, and this year we are having to start with an almost entirely new staff. Previous workers have gone off to college in the US or because of work and family commitments can no longer be involved. Do you know of any young people who would be interested in assisting with our children’s ministry here? It could be for anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks depending on their availability.

The primary ministry would be our camp. The ages will primarily be 5-12 year olds this year. The accommodation during camp would be in 8 birth tents, outside of camp we would house them either in the church building or in homes of people in the church. It would be quite basic accommodation whatever the case. At this point I anticipate needing about 3 guys and 2 ladies.

If you have any in your church that would be interested in helping, or know of any further afield, I would appreciate it if you would consider sharing our need with them. I believe it will cost in the region of $1000 to get here. Once here we could supply all food and accommodation.

I have been trying to source staff for several months without any success.

Would you be interested?

Do you know anyone that might be interested?

Please contact me if you know of anyone?

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