A Glorious Future – Micah 4

Israel went through some dark days, brought on by their sin and law-breaking. But God had a glorious future for them. Micah 4 talks about God’s plan for the last days. The Bible Knowledge Commentary lists eleven characteristics of this coming future kingdom:

  1. The millennial temple will be prominent in the world (4:1).
  2. Peoples of the world will be attracted to Jerusalem (4:1).
  3. Jerusalem will be the place of instruction for the entire world (4:2).
  4. Revelation will go forth from Jerusalem (4:2).
  5. The Lord will be the Judge at Jerusalem (4:3).
  6. Peace will be universal (4:3).
  7. Israel will dwell in security and peace (4:4).
  8. Israel will be spiritually sensitive to God (4:5).
  9. Israel will be regathered (4:6).
  10. Israel will be made strong (4:7).
  11. Jerusalem will have dominion (4:8).

Clearly God has big plans for Israel. They would experience a time of “brith pangs” before they realise their glorious future (v.9-13), but after that will be a time of great glory for them. And we should not make the mistake of those who “know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither understand they his counsel.”

How much do we know the Lord’s thoughts? How much do we understand His counsel? Are we listening to the plan of God and following His instructions?

The future is glorious for all those who believe on Jesus. Let us look forward to what God is and will do. Let us look past the temporary trials of this life.

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