Greedy, Cruel, Spiritually Bankrupt Leaders – Micah 3

The message of Micah three is directed toward the leaders of Israel, the heads, princes, prophets, and priests. The problem was that they were treating the people very cruelly, like they were animals to be hunted and devoured (v.2-3). All they cared about was greed and gain. In order to get what they wanted, they didn’t care who they destroyed (v.9-11).

Another thing about these cruel and greedy leaders was they kept expecting God to help them. They would cry out to God, but He would not hear them. He would actually hide His face from them (v.4). They would “lean on the Lord” in trouble thinking that the Lord was with them. But instead of deliverance, judgment would come (v.11-12).

The lessons for us are many:

  1. For those who are in any kind of leadership position, why are you leading? Are you using and abusing people or are you loving and caring for them? Do you think, what can I get out of them or what can I give them?
  2. Are you deceiving into thinking the Lord will hear your prayers and help you when you are clearly ignoring much of what God has told you to do? If we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us.
  3. Are you a false prophet, claiming God said when He didn’t? Or are you listening to false prophets who have not seen and do not know, but pass off their own opinions as God’s Word?

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