A New Beginning! (Exodus 12)

Exodus 12:2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

The nation of Israel, now a great multitude of people, were in bondage to a cruel despot, who made their lives worse each day. Every day, their taskmasters loaded them down with more burdens than they could imagine. Then one night, through a mighty act of God, God humbled the hearts of their oppressors and delivered Israel.

Israel was not any better or more deserving than anyone else, yet they had faith to trust in God’s provision of a substitutionary lamb. The blood of that lamb was applied to the doorposts of each home, and when the death angel saw the blood he passed on. The blood in a sense said, “A sacrifice has already been made here, the inhabitants do not need to pay for their sin; it has been already paid for them!”

And so they were delivered out in one night, in haste, and given great gifts and riches on the way out. This was a new beginning for them as they would now be delivered into a new walk with God in holiness, in victory, and in wonderful fellowship with God Himself!

What a picture of salvation. We too languished under the weight of the bondage of our sin. There was no escaping sin and certain death. Until the Lamb of God was slain, and His precious blood was applied to our lives by faith. And we were delivered with a great deliverance, loaded down with great riches and a wonderful future with God!

This was indeed a new beginning for Israel and a new beginning for us. We will never be the same since that night the blood was shed and applied to our lives!

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