$1300 Given! | Building Q & A: Why Is the Building Search Taking So Long?

God has so wonderfully provided another $1300 toward the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church! That means we have broken the $60K mark and puts the grand total at $60,150!

Please continue praying for us to stay on target to have $150,000 by the end of 2017. To be on target, we need another $19,850 by the end of September!

We have put in offers this week on two buildings this week. Both offers are quite a bit below the asking price, so please pray for God to open a door on one of them if that is His will.

Carlisle Road

Q. Why is the building search taking long?

We have been looking for buildings for over a year now and so some may be wondering why it has taken so long to locate a building.

Fundamentally, we must concede that it is not yet God’s timing for us to find and purchase a building. But, there are other factors that have probably contributed to the long search.

  1. We have never done this before. We are learning more about where and how to look for buildings, but several buildings that we really liked and pursued for months had underlying issues that did not come to the surface until later. We have learned from these experiences and hope to identify any prohibitive factors sooner.
  2. There is a limited amount of areas/buildings that will realistically work for a church. Not every building is in the right area and not every good area has an appropriate building that is for sale at the right price.
  3. There are most likely some historical factors that play into this. Admittedly, Northern Ireland has had its share of political upheaval. One side effect of this could be that not everyone is excited to help a Baptist church purchase a building. We have to accept that as at least a possibility that has closed the doors on some potential buildings.

However, we are not discouraged. We have learned from this that we must have God’s help. And we are looking to the Lord and expecting Him to do great things that will bring glory to His name. Please pray with us.

More about the building fund here.

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