Astonished by the Vision – Dan 8

God not only gave Daniel visions pertaining to the Gentile nations but also the nation of Israel. In Daniel 8, we read about the impact of the Medes, the Persians, and Antiochus Epiphanes who would rule over Israel.

All of these would subjugate and destroy God’s holy people. As a result of what he saw and what was to come, Daniel was faint and sick for a few days. He could not serve the king for a little while. The vision astonished him and none understood it (v.27).

God’s Word and God’s truth are an amazing thing. There are aspects of it that encourage us, aspects that amaze us, and things that overwhelm us. The thought of eternity, of heaven, of hell, of the kingdom, are all amazing things that at times seem too much for us to comprehend.

May God help us to see some of what He is doing and realise the seriousness of the need to get the gospel out. We are standing between the living and the dead and the work of world evangelism is an amazing privilege and an awesome responsibility.

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