Hope for the Future – Dan 7

Daniel 7 records a fantastic dream that Daniel had about future kingdoms that will arise (like beasts) and rule over Israel. The final kingdom would be taken over by one who would be very wise and very boastful. This king will be against the most High and will focus his oppression on the saints of God (v.25). This is very likely speaking of the antichrist who will rule over the whole earth (v.24).

The awesomeness and terror of this one troubled Daniel, but he was also informed that God would give the kingdom and rule of the earth to the Son of Man whose kingdom would not pass away or be destroyed (v.13-14).

For Israel, the future held a succession of domination but would end in victory established by Jesus Christ on the throne. And the same is true for the church. We will go through times of tribulation and trouble on this earth, but Jesus our Saviour and King will deliver us through life’s trials and will one day return and rescue us out of this world. May the hope of the coming King comfort us in days of trouble.

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