Because of God’s Mercy – Ps 143

Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Without God’s mercy, we would have no right to talk to God and to expect HIs help. As David says in Psalm 143:2, ‘Enter not into judgment with thy servant; for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.’

No human being can stand before God based on his or her own merits. All of us deserve judgment and punishment from God for our sins. Yet, God is a merciful God. And we can appeal to His mercy. We can pray and humbly ask for Him to not give us what we deserve, but to be gracious to us.

And when we reflect on the past (v.5), we see that just like God heard David, so He will hear us. As God delivered many others through His mercy, so He will deliver us if we call out to Him. And when God does, may we never think we deserve any of it. It is only ‘of [God’s] mercy’ that He works for us (v.12).

Father, thank You for being so merciful to me. I deserve hell. I deserve eternal judgment, yet You have given me life and a relationship with You. I ask for more of Your mercy. Please help me today to live for You and to be helped by You, not because I deserve it but because You have promised to have mercy on those who ask.

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