Happy is the People Whose God is the Lord – Ps 144

David, the earthly king was surrounded by many enemies, but God helped him and protected him and gave him victory. Psalm 144 is his prayer of praise to God for protecting him, and it is a request for more help.

In v.3-4 , He pauses to expressed his amazement that the Lord would take knowledge of him, a mere man who days pass as a shadow. Then he goes on to pray for further protection and blessing. He wanted his children and people to enjoy the blessing of the Lord. He then closes with, ‘…happy is that people, whose God is the Lord’ (v.15).

Many of the words of David can be true for any person who trusts in the Lord. He gives us strength to war against our enemies. He is our fortress and our deliverer. He takes knowledge of us and that should amaze us. He hears our prayer and sends help. He blesses our families and works in our lives. And to have the God as our Lord should bring us great happiness!

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