Blessed for a Purpose – Eze 5

Jerusalem was placed in an exalted position (v.5). All other nations were around her and admired her. (Think of Jerusalem during the days of Solomon when people like the Queen of Sheba came to see what he had built.)

This position of prominence and power was a privilege. They had been chosen by God to be a light to the nations. They were blessed to be a blessing. But they turned away from God’s law and did more sin than the other nations around them.

As a result of their great sin against God’s great grace, God punished them very severely in the sight of all the other nations (v.8). The results of Nebuchadnezzar’s siege are illustrated by the burning, cutting, and scattering of Ezekiel’s hair and beard in Ezekiel 5.

The lesson for us is to consider is how great God’s blessings are to us. For those of us who know the gospel and have so many wonderful privileges, what are we doing with those blessings?

Are we abusing our blessings? Are we focused only on ourselves? Are we living like the people of Jerusalem, content in our safety, indulgent in our blessings, not considering our responsibility to the world?

The time could come that those of us who are greatly blessed could be chastened for disobedience and lose our opportunity. People that were once used to shine the light of the gospel to the world could lose their position of leadership and blessing.

May we learn from Jerusalem. May we stay true to God’s Word. May we be lights to the world and take the gospel to the world. To whom much is given, much is required!

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