Faithful God; Unfaithful People – Eze 6

Anything good in us pales in comparison to God. His character infinitely surpasses anything we think is “good” about us. In Ezekiel 6, we have a great contrast between the unfaithfulness of Israel and the faithfulness of God.

Three times, we read “they/ye shall know that I am the LORD.” (v.7,10,14) LORD is Jehovah or Yahweh, God’s covenant name. As the Bible Knowledge Commentary puts it, “Ezekiel was focusing attention on the contrasting unfaithfulness and apostasy of the people.

God was exposing how unfaithful the people had been. They had worshipped idols all through the land. As a result, He would cause them to be slain all throughout the land. In contrast, God is the faithful God who always keeps His promises. Even in the midst of great sin, He would save a “remnant” with which He would rebuild the nation (v.8).

Consider the faithfulness of God. All our faithfulness pales in comparison to His. May His Holy Spirit within us stirs us up to be more faithful and committed to Him. May we have a loyal and pure heart toward God, rather than a “whorish heart” (v.9) which departs from faithful love to God.

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