Break Up Your Fallow Ground – Jer 4

Fallow ground is ground that a farmer has left uplowed. It would be unwise to sow seed on such ground. Very little would come of it.

This is the analogy that God uses in Jeremiah 4 to describe the condition of Judah’s heart. They wanted God to sow His seeds of blessing, but there hearts were not ready.

Before God would bless them, they needed to prepare their heart. They need to plow up their hard-heartedness and root out their sin. They needed to turn to the Lord with their whole hearts.

I wonder what part of your heart is not ready for the Lord. Are you asking for God’s blessing but not preparing for it?

Have we dealt with sin? Have we rooted out rebellion? Have we broken up the clods that resist the Lord?

What fallow ground does God want you and I to break up today?

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