Learn from the Mistakes of Others – Jer 3

Watching the successes and failures of others can be powerful sources of motivation. But we don’t always learn from watching others. Sometimes, we foolishly go out and make our own mistakes.

That is the problem in Jeremiah 3. God is pointing out how the Northern kingdom (‘Israel’) had been unfaithful to Him and was not facing judgment.

The Southern kingdom (‘Judah’) saw their sin. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they pushed on ahead with their own. They pretended to turn to the Lord (v.10), but there was no genuine repentance. And so judgment came on them.

Do we make the same foolish mistakes? Do we watch others fall in the Bible and in life and think that we will be the exception? May God help us to learn from the mistakes of others.

May we remain faithful to the Lord and keep our hearts right with Him.

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