Come and Be Satisfied – Isa 55

God’s invitation to those entering the millennium in Isaiah 55 is quite amazing (v.1). He invites the thirsty and the hungry. He invites those who have no money. He offers salvation and deliverance to all who come, and He offers it freely.

Sadly, so many people work and spend for that which is not real nourishment (‘bread’) and that which does not really satisfy (v.2).

So God says, listen to me carefully (v.3): ‘Eat what I offer. Eat what is good. Delight in the nutrition that I give you. It is the blessings and provision of the everlasting covenant I made with David.’

The requirement to receive God’s salvation, as always, is: repent and believe (v.6-7). Those who do will be pardoned and blessed.

  • Have you come to the One who can satisfy you? Have you received the free offer of God’s salvation? Or are you working hard to buy that which cannot satisfy?
  • Have you turned to the Lord in faith? Or are you clinging to your sin?
  • What a blessing to be pardoned and to have Jesus, the Bread of life who fulfills all our needs and wants!

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