No More Barren – Isa 54

Barreness – inability to have children – has always been a frustration for women. For Israelite women, it was seen as a sign of God’s judgment.

Israel’s time of chastening was like a time of barrenness. But in Isaiah 54, God says that that time will one day be over. This is no doubt referring to the millennial reign of Christ from Israel, over the whole earth.

God’s reasons for blessing Israel were because of His great mercies (v.7). It will be a time of great blessing, great peace, and perfect knowledge of the Lord.

And, the last verse (v.17) is one that is often quoted (‘No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper’). It is talking about the nation of Israel, but certainly there are spiritual applications to all God’s people – He will save and deliver and protect them.

Just as God blessed Israel and was so merciful to them, so God richly blesses us. In Christ, He makes us fruitful, fills us with joy, and delivers us from terror and oppression. We also can look to God for help and protection.

As a result of His blessings, we should sing and cry aloud with joy, just as a barren woman who is now expecting (v.1).

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