Death Threats – Jer 11

Jeremiah was acting under the direct command and instruction of the Lord. He was doing and saying what God told Him to do and say.

Yet, many did not like what he had to say. Their dislike for him was mostly due to His message, despite that message coming from God.

Men from His hometown, Anathoth, actually threated to kill him if he didn’t stop prophesying (Jer 11:21-23).

Despite their threats and intimidation, Jeremiah was told by the Lord that He would deal with them. The day would come when they would all be wiped out.

Sometimes, when we do the right things, bad things still happen – opposition, rejection, threats.

But God wants us to know that we can still trust Him, that He will deliver us, and that He will judge those that continue to oppose the Lord.

May we rest in the Lord’s promise, protection, and future deliverance when attack and times of trouble come.

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