Don’t Learn Heathen Ways – Jer 10

Jeremiah 10 contains a very important lesson for us. It commands us to, ‘Learn not the way of the heathen…for the customs of the people are vain.’

The challenge in this chapter is to think different from the world, from people who don’t know or love God.

The unbelieving world will erect idols to worship and study the heavens for insights that cause fear (v.2).

But God’s people should know that…

  • there is none like unto the Lord (v.6)
  • He is the King of nations, and there is none like Him (v.7)
  • those who worship false gods are brutish and foolish (v.8)
  • the Lord is the true God, the living God, an everlasting King (v.10)
  • and at His command He will destroy all false gods and cause the earth to tremble (v.10-16).

Some questions for us to consider:

  1. What ‘heathen ways’ are we learning and following?
  2. Are we living after the customs of the world or after the commands of the Word?
  3. Are we intimidated by the ‘gods’ of this world or do we have a holy reverence and fear of the great God of heaven?

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