Determined to Praise the Lord – Ps 108

As David considers God’s great mercy and truth as well as God’s promises to give him victory over the nations, He is determined (‘heart is fixed’) to praise and sing to the Lord. His motivation for wanting help in trouble and victory over his enemies (v.12-13) is so that God is exalted and glorified and so that he can praise God among the nations of the earth 9v.3-5).

  • Why do we want God to deliver us?
  • Why do we want Him to work powerfully?
  • Is it for our glory or His glory?
  • Are we determined to praise the Lord with our whole heart (‘glory’ v.1)?

Sometimes, I think we only want God to work powerfully for us so we look good, but that is the wrong motivation. We should pray and desire to praise and magnify God when He delivers and gives victory. As we wake up this morning and start a new day (v.2), may our hearts be set on praising God!

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