Distressed by Lies – Ps 120

Psalm 120:1 In my distress I cried unto the Lord, And he heard me.

Psalm 120 was written by a person who is in distress. His distress was caused by people who told lies and were deceitful (v.2). The purpose of the lies was to cause war. For some reason, these individuals hated peace and were intent on making war (v.6-7).

This really frustrated the author of the Psalm, so he cried out to the Lord and was confidence that the Lord heard him. He asked for deliverance. He believed these liars would be punished.

Once again, we see that the correct solution to all problems is to look to the Lord. When we are lied about, when we deal with deceivers and those who want to fight, we can cry out to the Lord and know that He will deliver.

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