The Lord, Our Never-Sleeping Keeper – Ps 121

This Psalm is one that was sung as people travelled to Jerusalem for annual feasts. That is what the superscription ‘A Song of degrees’ means; it was sung as they made progressive steps up to Jerusalem.

This Psalm praises God for His constant help and protection from harm. As the maker of heaven and earth, God is well-qualified to protect all who trust in Him. Not only is He the Creator of all things but He also never sleeps or dozes off. Even when we are weary and need to rest, He is ever-watchful over us.

His constant vigilance and protection give us peace and rest. We can rest knowing He does not rest. We can feel safe, knowing God is protecting and preserving us.

What are you worried about? What is stressing you out? Trust in the Lord. Rest in Him. Lift up Your eyes to Him and look to Him today!

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