Divine Identity Theft – Isa 41

Identity theft is a serious and rampant crime. Though I’ve never been a victim of it, I can imagine it must be quite infuriating and annoying. Especially when it involves losing lots of money.

There is a type of divine identity theft that has gone on for generations – other gods seeking to steal the position and the glory of God.

In Isaiah 41, we hear God calling all the nations of the earth together. He challenges them to keep silent before Him so He can speak (v.1). He tells them of a man (probably Cyrus) He is going to raise up who will rule over the nations (v.2).

He then explains that He will help Israel His servant and His people. When other nations are being crushed, He will strengthen Israel and help them.

God will do all of this through Cyrus and for Israel, so that all nations will know who the real God is (v.2). He wants these imposters to be seen as nothing (v.24). None of them knew what was going to happen; only the real God did (v.28). All others are vain and nothing (v.29).

What ‘god’ are you worshipping? The true God or an imposter? All other ‘gods’ that we care for and allow to influence us are vain and worthless. We should be passionate for the glory of the true God, for all nations to worship Him. And we should pay no attention to those criminals who seek to steal His glory.

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