All for His Glory – Isa 42

Israel was chosen by God to be God’s servant (41:8). They were to serve God by revealing the true God to the world (41:20). But as a nation they failed and so God raised up another servant – the Messiah.

Isaiah 42:1-4 describes Him as…

  • The One that God will uphold
  • The One that God has chosen (‘mine elect’)
  • The One that God delights in
  • The One in whom God will put the Spirit
  • The One who will bring judgment to the Gentiles
  • The One who will be gentle and gracious
  • The One who will prevail to establish judgment in the earth

As a result of what God will do through Christ, He will open people’s eyes to who He really is. That He is the Lord and He is worthy of all glory and honour (v.5-9).

We know that God has already done great things through Christ. And we should praise and honour the Lord. We should sing to Him (v.10). We should give Him glory (v.12).

He like a mighty man has prevailed and will prevail (v.13). He will humble those who trust in idols (v.17).

Everything that God has done and is doing in and through Israel and through Jesus is all for His glory. He wants the world to know Him. We should praise Him and we should tell others so they will praise Him as well.

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