Do What You Should – Malachi 2

For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, And they should seek the law at his mouth: For he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.” — Malachi 2:7

Malachi 2 is directed toward the priests in Israel. God is frustrated with them because they are not doing what they should do. They were supposed to keep knowledge, seek the law of God, and be the messenger of the Lord (v.7).

They were to be like their father Levi who feared God, had God’s truth in his mouth, walked with God in peace and equity, and turned many from iniquity (v.4-6).

Instead, they departed from the way, caused many to stumble at the law, corrupted the covenant, and as a result brought great shame on themselves and their people. (v.8-9).

What should we be doing that we are not? In what areas of our life would God be frustrated that we are not living out who we are? Are we living out our identity in Christ? Are we seeking the Word of God, representing the Lord well, and encouraging others to seek the Lord? Or are our actions doing the opposite?

May God help those of us who are God’s children to live like who we are in Christ.

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