Leftovers for God? – Malachi 1

Malachi 1 is full of hard questions. God is trying to show His people how carelessly they have treated Him.

In verse two, they said, “Wherein hast thou loved us?” They were in the land, but still under foreign powers (v.8). All the promises God gave them had not been fulfilled so they began to question God’s love for them. God showed them that he could have left them like Esau for their sin, yet He had brought them back despite their sin (v.3-5).

Then, He asked about the way they were treating Him. They treated Him worse than they would treat their own master or father (v.6). They brought something that they would never offer the governor (v.8).

The only solution for the disrespectful way they were treating God was to cry out for mercy and grace (v.9). Unless they did, they needed to understand that God had no pleasure in their offerings (v.10). He let them know that He is a great God that will be worshipped by all peoples everywhere (v.11). But instead of honouring His name, they were profaning it (v.12).

They were tired of worshipping God. They brought the leftovers. And God asked, “should I accept this [these pathetic offerings] of your hand?” (v.13). He said cursed be the one who promised to bring the best but brought the worst. God let them know that He is a great King who is worthy of honour from everything (v.14).

How do we treat God? Do we give Him our absolute very best? Or do we throw a few leftovers His way? Do we treat men and women with more respect than we do God? Do we give Him seconds and thirds? Do we get tired of worshipping Him?

How wrong! He is the great God whose name should be and will be worshipped everywhere all day. We should give Him the honour and worship He deserves. If we don’t, then we deserve to be cursed. May God help us worship and serve God in a way that honours Him!

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