Don’t Be Afraid of Men Who Will Die – Isa 51

Everything that God promises to do, Satan seeks to undermine. One of the ways Satan works is to fill the minds of men with fear and doubt. For proof of this, just read Genesis 3.

We see the same mockery at work in Isaiah 51. God is giving Israel great promises about what He is going to do for them. At the same time, men are despising God’s word and mocking those who choose to believe it.

God’s challenge is:

  • Listen to Me (v.2).
  • Look at what I have already done (v.3 for Abraham and Sarah).
  • Don’t fear the reproach (scorn, taunts) of men (v.7).
  • Don’t be afraid of those who revile you and revile Me and My Word (v.7).
  • Focus on Me your Maker instead of men who die (v.12-16).

One HUGE obstacle that keeps us from believing God is fear of what others think of us and what others will say about us. (Prov 29:25 says ‘The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.’)

Instead of hearkening to others and looking at what others think, we need to hearken to God and look at Who He is and what He has to say.

Who are you afraid of? Who is intimidating you? How are the opinions of man holding you back from obeying God?

How foolish for us to be more afraid of men who will die one day than the eternal God who make us and before whom we will give account one day!

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