In the Eyes of All Nations – Isa 52

For centuries the name of God has been blasphemed continually every day (v.5). This was true when Israel went into captivity to Egypt, Assyria and Babylon (v.4-5). It is true today. And it will be true in the future when all nations come up against Israel.

But God promises that one day His people will know His name and proclaim His glory and His name to the nations (v.6-8). God has big plans for Israel, for Jerusalem, and for those who trust in Him.

He is going to glorify Himself by working on behalf of Israel in the future. And His people will break forth into signing about God and His power (v.9-11). As a result, they will go out of captivity clean and protected by the Lord (v.11-12).

God wants His holy arm to be seen by all nations. He wants all the ends of the earth to know His salvation. That is what He is going to do in the future, and that is what we should be busy doing right now.

May God use us to exalt the Lord in the eyes of all nations.

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