Eat and Enjoy the Words of God – Jer 15

Jeremiah was being faithful to give God’s Word and do God’s Will, but things were not easy for him. He had not done wrong, yet all the people cursed him (v.10).

The Lord promised Him that things would go well with him in the end (v.110. Jeremiah prayed for God to indeed remember him (v.15). He accepted God’s words by faith, saying he ate them whole and rejoiced in them (v.16).

But it was not easy for him. He was alone (v.17). His pain was continual (v.18)

And so the Lord told him once again that he needed to come back to Him (v.19), that he would be a strong wall, that he would not be overcome, that he would be delivered and protected (v.20-21).

Those who follow and obey the Lord may experience temporary frustration, pain, and rejection, but they have the promise that God will deliver them in the end.

The question is: will we accept God’s Word on it? Will the promises be enough for us to stay faithful when times are hard? Will we accept God’s Word whole, ‘eating them’ by faith and rejoicing in them? Or will we give in to the pressure and turn away from following and believing God?

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