Too Late – Jer 14

Jeremiah 14 is a very sad chapter. The land is ransacked by military invasion, famine, drought, and disease. People are dying everywhere.

The people cry out to God for mercy (v.7-9). They plead with Him to deliver and not forsake them. They appeal to His name, His throne, and His covenant (v.21-22).

They acknowledge that they are sinners (v.7,20) and that they are getting what they deserve, but they still beg for mercy.

This time, God does not deliver them. They have gone too far. It is too little too late.

Jeremiah is even told not to pray for them (v.11). No wonder Jeremiah weeps night and day for his people as he sees their plight (v.17).

There is a time of repentance and faith. There is a day of salvation. There is an opportunity to cry out for mercy. And then that time passes, that day ends, and that opportunity is over.

May God help us to repent, to believe, and to turn to the Lord before it is too late.

May God help us to make the most of today, to fully turn our hearts to the Lord, to not hold back, to not just go through the motions, and to make the most of the opportunities He places before us.

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