Eternal Salvation – Hebrews 9

God made a covenant with His people Israel that included a tabernacle and a sacrificial system. The nature of this covenant is temporary. The fact that the sacrifices had to be repeatedly offered shows their transitory nature. 

The new covenant that God made with us through the work of Christ is much better and eternal. It is based on one final sacrifice of Christ. Notice several things in Hebrews 9 about this new covenant:

  • It has a better tabernacle that is not made with human hands (v.11)
  • It is the place where Christ’s own blood was offered once, not the blood of goats and calves (v.12).
  • The redemption Christ’s blood obtains is eternal (v.12).
  • The offering of Christ was made through the eternal Spirit (v.14).
  • The work of Christ gives us the promise of eternal inheritance (v.15).

We may not be tempted to think we should enter back under the Mosaic sacrificial system like the people to whom Hebrews was originally written. But there are many false religious systems and many false ideas about how we are justified.

Our faith and trust must be in Christ alone, not in our works or our good living. Only what Christ has done can save us. When we trust in Him, we have eternal redemption and an eternal inheritance. And we should keep looking for him to come and save us out of this world (v.28).

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