April 2021 Update

Lockdown Lifting – Thankfully, the UK is slowly coming out of lockdown. As restrictions begin to ease and people feel safer, more people are coming back to church. It has been a blessing to see all of our members come back and even some new people begin attending the church in London over the last year. We hope all restrictions will be lifted as promised by June 21st.

Opening Service in Colchester This Sunday! – Please pray much for the opening service of a new church plant in Colchester, Essex this coming Sunday evening! Colchester is a large ‘town’ of over 200,000 people an hour northeast of London and about an hour’s drive from our house. We have been preparing for this since we had our first Thursday Bible study on November 12th.

Over the last several months, most of our meetings for the people in Colchester have happened online, but starting this week we will be meeting in person on Thursday nights and Sunday evening. The Lord has blessed with a number of likeminded individuals from the area who were looking for a good Bible-believing church. Please pray for the Lord to bless as we seek to evangelize the lost and disciple believers in their faith.

Vision Baptist Missions – This month, Grant I were back in America for a three-week trip to preach in some churches and to teach at the missionary orientation for Vision Baptist Missions. I was very encouraged to meet the great group of new missionaries who are preparing to go out with the gospel. If you are interested in serving the Lord as a missionary, please get in touch and we’d love to help you prepare and find your place in the Lord’s work. Find out more at visionmissions.org.

Baptist Center for World Evangelism – Thanks for praying for the Easter Offering that was taken up recently for the new center that is being built in Georgia to train new missionaries. Over $100,000 was given in this special offering and that continues to help move the project forward. For more information about the land and the center, go to bcwe.org/center. We’d love to have your help.

Missions Events – Our mission board is offering several opportunities to help you and your church get more involved in world evangelism. We are offering a trip for youth pastors to Mexico City in September that is free except for the flight down. Also, for teens and young adults, we have set up ‘The World’s Cheapest Mission Trip’ taking place in Alpharetta, Georgia. Find out more about these and other events on bcwe.org/events

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