Exalt the Lord – Ps 99

Two times in this short Psalm, we are commanded to exalt the Lord (v.5,9). We cannot really promote the Lord’s position, but we can encourage others to promote Him in their hearts and through our praise, worship, and obedience (v.3,5).

Two reasons are given in this Psalm for why we should exalt the Lord – He is holy and He answers prayer. These two attributes seem contradictory as holiness is about separateness, purity, and set-apartness while answering prayer is about listening, hearing, forgiving, and having mercy.

But in God, we find both the holiness and mercy of God. God is holy, righteous, and set apart from all others and one attribute that makes His so incredible is His willingness to answer prayer and hear the cries of the humble. Just like He answered Moses, Aaron, and Samuel when they called upon Him, so the holy Lord will hear our prayers, forgive our sins, and be merciful to us.

The holiness and mercy of God should cause us to exalt to Him, to praise Him, to lift up His name in our hearts and through our lives and words. It should cause us to want others to know and see the greatness and goodness of God.

How has the holy Lord been merciful to You? Do you call out to Him in humility and faith? And how can you praise and exalt the Lord today with your life?

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