Eyes That Don’t See – Eze 12

For eleven chapters, Ezekiel has been warning the people of Jerusalem about the next level of judgment on them. At God’s direction, he has explained why and illustrated how it will all happen.

Despite all these signs, prophecies, and visions, the people remained unimpressed. God told Ezekiel that they had eyes to see but they saw not and ears to hear but they heard not. The reason was that they were rebellious and they chose not to see or hear.

So once again, Ezekiel will proceed to illustrate what will happen and how it will happen. How sad that they repeatedly heard the message but did not listen!

Do we do the same with God’s Word? Do we hear and not listen? Do we see and not really see? Do we have a heart that really wants to know what God is doing and where He is leading? Or do we really just want to do our own thing?

The amount that we get out of God’s Word and the things God allows in our life is directly related to how much we want to get out of it. If we have a soft heart, God can really teach us much. If we have a hard heart, then no matter what God does, we won’t learn.

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