Big Promises Despite Big Problems – Eze 11

In the final part of Ezekiel’s vision (Eze 11), he is shown the sin of the corrupt judges of the city (v.1-2). Though they inwardly are afraid (v.8), they pridefully say that they are as safe as meat in a pot (v.3). God tells them that instead of being safe, they are actually being cooked. The bodies of the dead of like the cooked meat (v.7).

When Ezekiel cries out for the people and for God’s promises to keep a remnant, God reassures him that those already in exile are the remnant (v.15). He tells Ezekiel that he will protect those who are cast off (v.16), that one day He will re-gather them from the places where they are scattered (v.17), that He will remove all their idols (v.18), and will give them a new heart and a new spirit to obey God’s laws (v.19-20).

So, as the glory of God leaves the city and resides above the Mountain east of the city (the Mount of Olives) (v.22-23), God gives Ezekiel a big promise that He will do what He has promises for them as a people and a nation. In the midst of the desolation and the departure of God’s glory, it must have been very hard to see. But by faith, he was asking them to trust His Word.

There are so many big promises in God’s Word. Promises about God’s plans and about God’s power. Often those plans seem to contrast sharply with the reality of our situation. All around it may seem like things are falling apart and God has left us, but we can trust the Word of God. He will do what He says. He’s got some big plans for those who trust Him!

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