God Dwelling With Men – Eze 41

At the end of Ezekiel, there are several chapters (Eze 40-43) dedicated to a glorious temple which God Himself will indwell one day. He will come back just as he left in the beginning (Eze 10-11). He will fill the house and dwell in the midst of Israel forever.

It is hard to understand the details of the design of this temple, but it is awesome to think that:

  1. God would want to be with people;
  2. God would return to those who turned against Him; and
  3. God would want a special place to meet with His people.

The fulfillment of this temple awaits the millennial reign of Christ, but the truths about God are the same. He loves us and wants us to know Him. He is willing to be gracious to us and forgive us if we repent. He wants to have special time with us, when we meet with Him and worship Him.

As Christians, we have the privilege of being the temple of the Holy Ghost! God actually indwells our life and will never leave us, nor forsake us. As much as we would be awestruck to see such an awesome temple described in Ezekiel, it should amaze us that God would make our lives His home.

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