Good Words – Prov 12

Proverbs has so much wisdom about words. Here are some more valuable instructions about how we use our words from Proverbs 12:

  • v.1 Love instruction and being corrected because that is how we learn. Those who hate reproof are brutish (ignorant, literally means ‘like a dumb animal’).
  • v.2 Use words to deliver people rather than to entrap them.
  • v.9 Don’t make empty boasts; instead focus on actually doing something and making a difference.
  • v.13 Realise that wicked words will eventually ensnare us; speak so that you have nothing to hide.
  • v.14 Understand that our words produce fruit. We should speak so that the fruit that comes from our words is good.
  • v.17 Understand that words of truth reveals a righteous heart while deceiving words show a lying heart.
  • v.18 Remember that words can either give health and blessing to others or feel like the piercings of a sword.
  • v.19 Know that truth lasts for ever; lies only for a moment.
  • v.22 Realise that God hates lying lips, but He delights in those who speak truthfully.
  • v.23 Be wise and don’t say everything you know. A foolish persons speaks foolish things.
  • v.25 Work at using good words to make the hearts of others glad rather than heavy words that make their heart’s stoop.

May God help us to be teachable, honest, humble, open, helpful, reserved, and good with our words. May we please God and lift others up by what we say today.

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