Where Will it All End? – Prov 11

Where will it all end? That is a question each of us should consider in the choices and decisions we make. Foolish people only live for the moment; wise people consider the future. Proverbs 11 contains many contrast between the wise person (also called ‘lowly,’ upright, righteous, just’) and the foolish person (‘transgressor, wicked, hypocrite, he that is void of understanding, cruel, froward’):

  • The upright person’s integrity guides them, while the transgressor’s perverseness will destroy them (v.3).
  • In the day of wrath, riches will be of no profit; only righteousness will matter (v.4).
  • Unlike the righteous person, transgressors will eventually be taken in their own naughtiness (v.6)
  • Those who are righteous are not only blessed themselves but the whole city benefits from their blessing (v.10-11).
  • The greatest damage a cruel person inflicts is on his own flesh, while a man who is merciful to others does good to his own soul at the same time (v.17).
  • Righteous living tends to life while those who pursue evil do so to their own death (v.19).
  • The righteous and the wicked will both be recompensed (repaid) for how they live (v.31).

So, where will your life end up? What impact with your choices, your character/lack thereof, your attitude toward money, your kindness/cruelty make?

Everything we do/say/think has implications. God warns us to make wise choices. God shows us where our choices lead. It is up to us to follow the path of wisdom. And when we fail, as we have and will, wise people keep looking to the Lord for grace and mercy in time of need.

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