Great and Mighty Things – Jer 33

In the darkness of the prison, the light of God’s promises shone through once again to Jeremiah.

Israel, the northern kingdom, had already fallen (150 years earlier). Now, the southern kingdom, Judah, was on the cusp of collapsing.

Yet, God wanted His people to know that all was not lost. He still had plans for them. Once again the land would be fruitful and joyful (v.6-14). Once again David’s son would rule and Levi’s sons would offer sacrifices (v.15-19).

These promises were as certain as the natural order of day and night (v.20-25). They were as reliable as the character and the promises of God. The Bible Knowledge Commentary puts it this way:

The greatest argument for the future restoration of Israel as a nation is the character of God. He made a series of covenants with the patriarchs, David, and the Levites; His character demands that He will ultimately fulfill these promises to their nation.

God’s repeated promises and guarantees of His Word to Israel encourage us. They help us know that when we are in the dark night of feeling forgotten and alone we can keep believing God.

Just as God stakes His entire character on His promises to Israel, so He stakes His character on keeping His Word to us.

Never give up. Never stop believing. Keep trusting in God who can do great and mighty things. He can do the impossible. He is God!

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