I Will Regather You – Micah 1-2

Micah 1-2 is the first “word of the Lord” to the people of Samaria and Jerusalem. It contains a warning of judgment that is going to come on them because of their sins and going against God’s laws.

God tells them that their high places and idolatrous temples will be destroyed (v.3-7). What is about caused Micah to greatly mourn and to be ashamed for other nations to hear and to know (v.8-16).

The nations really were in a bad way. People would go to bed at night planning how to do more evil in the morning (v.1). They would try to scheme how they could cheat and steal from their neighbours (v.2). They didn’t want to hear from God’s prophets; they only wanted to hear from false prophets (v.6,11).

In the midst of all their sin and failure, it is surprising to read of God’s promise of restoration (v.12-13). Of course, God has made some unconditional promises to them and He is a God of grace and mercy, but it is still amazing to think that God would bless and be good to those who sin against Him so grievously.

We certainly serve a wonderful and gracious God. Despite our sin and failure, He offers forgives and restoration to those who trust in Him. For those who far away from God, He will draw near to you if you will admit your sin and believe on Him.

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