In Difficulty, Keep Trusting the Lord – Ps 125-126

Jerusalem went through times of oppression and destruction. Yet, through it all the Lord was faithful to those individuals who trusted in Him (125:1).

He was like a protective mountain to them and kept the rod of the wicked from turning the righteous to sin (125:2). The Lord also, brought Judah back from captivity, filling them with great joy and praise (126:1-3).

The Psalmist continued to hope that as they sowed in tears, praying for God to work in their land, that God would produce spiritual fruit and eventually a great harvest (126:4-6).

These Psalms are source of great encouragement. There will be times when we feel oppressed and surrounded. But in those times, the Lord will help us to be established and strong. He will not allow our enemies to overwhelm us. He will eventually turned even the trouble into good and cause us to reap in joy. We just need to trust the Lord, not give in to the temptation to sin, sow in tears and prayers and wait on the Lord’s harvest.

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